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3 min readOct 29, 2022

Bio-Ether Amulet Lilith

Bio-Ether Amulet Lilith

After much anticipation and patience from the community we are excited to present the final boss in the monster suit universe, Bio-Ether Armor Lilith — God Dragon, ruler of the Supreme Flame. It is said that their are monsters that believe in Lilith, devoting themselves to her in exchange for power.

Bio-Ether Amulet Lilith by Sleepless
Bio-Ether Armor Lilith a/k/a The Fallen

Bio-Ether Armor Lilith

If you’re familiar with Yin and Yang, the same comparisons can be used to describe Astaroth and Lilith. Lilith, a/k/a The Fallen is a God Dragon that can freely manipulate and control the Supreme Flame. Both are sentient beings. Lilith wants to assimilate Astaroth so she can bring forth Astaroth The Fallen and with it the destruction of the PX, 2D, and 3D universe. She rules over the Dark Nebula Suits. Her following grows stronger everyday with more monsters joining their cause.

Lilith has multiple abilities and unique skills. One of the known unique skills, God Flame is a highly compressed iridescent flame in the shape of a shuriken that is said to be able to cut through any barrier. The shuriken can also be increased in size and power if needed but Lilith prefers small attacks large ones are too flashy. The compressed flame shuriken is so powerful that when Lilith developed the techique she noticed that the attack accidentally distorted time and space at the time of impact.

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PX Reveal Time (Slow Mint)

Nebula Gate PX

The PX reveal for this week is set for October 28th 11:30–59PM ET / 8:30–59PM PT. Currently 1/5th of the project and 55+ rares out of 350 have been minted. Mint is 0.015, if you missed the free mint phase of the project it was open for almost two months and is now closed.

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