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Monster Suit EX

Pro Monster Suit Player Yami
Pro Monster Suit Player Nel

Ghost Bracelet

Ghost Bracelet

The ghost bracelet is a prized possession among professional Monster Suit players, believed to be imbued with incredible power that can control and manipulate monster suits in the digital world of the Monsterverse. Made of pure gold and embedded with four small red gemstones, which are said to be a part of Astaroth’s core, the supreme dragon. While the original core was a large red gem, it was broken down into four smaller cores to balance out its power. The legend of the ghost bracelet has only grown since the twin prodigies Yami and Nel won the Ghost Chip EX in the last tournament and embarked on incredible adventures in the Monsterverse. As a result, many pro players are now obsessed with the idea of winning a Ghost Chip, in hopes of gaining access to the coveted digital realm and a chance to claim the legendary ghost bracelet for themselves. The ghost bracelet remains a symbol of ultimate power and prestige in the world of professional monster suit players.

The Ghost Chip EX is a ERC-721 token that can be burned to redeem your Ghost bracelet via Manifold. It’s limited to 500 tokens and is the only way to access the EX eco-system. The chip also grants access to the token gated EX Guild discord channel, allowlist spots to any of our forthcoming collections like Monster Suit 3D, and will be used for votes via

Monster Suit Eco-System

The Monster Suit ecosystem is a unique and interconnected universe that is comprised of several different collections and sub-groups, each with their own distinct storyline and characters.

At the heart of the Monster Suit universe is the Rue NFTs collection, which serves as the genesis collection and lays the foundation for the rest of the ecosystem. The Rue NFTs collection was created by Crystal Roots and USGMEN and features a variety of different monster suits, each with their own unique traits and abilities. Click here to view the gen 1 Monster Dex

Building on the success of the Rue NFTs collection, the Monster Suit gen 2 collection was introduced. These NFTs feature different monster designs and are considered “playable,” meaning that they can be used in certain games or online experiences. Click here to view the gen 2 Monster Dex.

The Monster Suit PX collection is a pixelated collection designed by gbrie that pays homage to classic video games while also adding new twists to the Monster Suit universe. The Monster Suit 3D collection designed by UDI, on the other hand, is a more modern and advanced collection that features fully 3D-rendered monster suits that can be used for various integrations and more.

Finally, the Monster Suit EX is a sub-group within the Monster Suit ecosystem that focuses on curated P2E and the growth of the brand beyond just the PFP aspect. It follows the story of the twin sibling prodigies Yami and Nel who are pro monster suit players and are part of the EX Guild. The lore of the Monster Suit EX collection is deeply intertwined with the larger Monster Suit universe and serves to expand the narrative and create a more immersive experience for fans.

Overall, the Monster Suit ecosystem is a unique and interconnected universe that features a variety of different collections and sub-groups, each with their own distinct storyline and characters. Despite their differences, these collections are all interconnected and add to the overall lore and depth of the Monster Suit universe.


Q: Wen token airdrop $rue?

A: We are US based company, no tokens until we get regulatory guidience. Ruecoin might be used for discord claims, so it’s simple and fun for holders

Q: Are there any more collections releasing aside from the last mint Monster Suit 3D?

A: RueNFTs-Monster Suit EX completes our entire eco-system. There will be no Monster Suit collections. RueNFTs, Monster Suit, Pixel, 3D, and EX

Q: Do I have to pay for any upcoming mints?

A: No! If you’re a holder of our genesis, gen 2, chip holders from our item shop you have access to 3D mint for free and any upcoming art pieces when we open allowlist.

Q: Wen 3D?

A: 3D will be released when we are ready. Aside from the creation of the models we have internal work to do to ensure they are scaled and rigged properly for several integrations that we have planned. We also want to wait until we’ve garnered enough attention to deliver what will be our final and most anticipated mint.

The current atmosphere of the space has become extremely volatile and toxic. I don’t believe releasing a new mint will be effective so I’d like to continue my focus on the development of the brand and lore to connect the community in a curated manner.

Q: Do I have IP rights?

A: Yes and there will TOS soon to aritculate your IP rights regarding your NFT.

Monster Suit

Monster Suit is a community driven and collaborative project from Crystal Roots LLC and USGMEN.