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11 min readJul 21, 2022

Monster Suit NFT

Monster Suit Rue King Omni

Monster Suit NFT

After several hectic months, I finally have time to update the community and those that have been watching from afar about Monster Suit NFT. It’s my second project (gen 2), an expanded 5k collection of Monster Suits illustrated by none other than USGMEN. After the unexpected success of Monster Suit Rue, USGMEN is a part of the team as an artist and partner with a 10% stake in the company.

Monsters, Let Us Recap — Shall We?

  • Mint Date: 4/29
  • Price 0.07 ETH
  • 10k (cut to) 5k collection
  • Mint Pass: Ichi Chip #048

Monster Chip Ichi #048 is one of several passes from our Monster Suit Item Shop.

Monster Chip Ichi #048

Monster Suit Shop

The shop serves as a gateway to the monster-verse ecosystem which consists of our upcoming projects relating to Monster Suit. To gain access to Monster Suit’s AL, we offered the MS Chip Ichi #048 at 0.0375 ETH as a pass granting the ability to mint up to 2 monster suit tokens.

If you were to purchase the four other MS Chips seen above at the same price, that would allow a free mint to our pixel project by ItsGbrie due in mid-late August which cost 0.15 ETH to mint. As an additional benefit, purchasing the other four chips grants a free mint to our 3D project by UDI in late September early October which cost 0.3 ETH to mint.

Update: As of August 10th — PX and 3D will each be 2500 NFT collections and will be half the price of the original mint. PX 0.075 ETH and 3D .15 ETH. Our total collection for Monster Suit from these projects will not exceed 10k. I’d also like to note that the royalty fee for the upcoming collections will be set to 5%.

Furthermore, there is a 6th chip. MS Chip #100 (gold) is a stand alone chip that grants the same access but the chip is priced at 0.06 ETH. We came up with multiple price points for those that are here for the long-term, collectors, and those who may want to save a bit on mint if they are interested in the project and don’t want to pay full price.

Monster Suit Chip Yata 100
Monster Vault

Monster Vault

(left to right) Hydro, Yamato, Yuri, Sylph, Arctic v2

In addition to those perks — having all five MS Chips also allows access to the Monster Vault. The team kept 500 Monster Suits including 5 of our most coveted monsters, the True Dragons (v2). During the first five weeks on every Friday, we held vault raids for Chip Set holders. They were allowed to access the vault and enter the giveaway via discord bot (RNG). The prize — 20 Monster Suits. From those winners, one of the True Dragon’s selected that week would be included and given away until they were all released from the vault.

The winners of the True Dragons also got air dropped v2 chips which provides access and a high ranking position to our council. The True Dragon v2 Chips are 1/1’s.

(left to right) Hydro, Yamato, Yuri, Sylph, Arctic v2

Monster Suit Council

The Council acts as an unofficial governing body that protects and promotes the continued growth & stability of Rue NFTs, Monster Suit, and our community overall. Access to this Council is gated by the Monster Suit Chip Z. These chips are only available upon requested private sales.

(left to right) Z, Dazai, Alpha, Omni, Dead Calm Chip
  • Monster Suit Chip Saber Z — 0.0375 ETH / A Rank
  • Monster Suit Chip Dazai — FREE GIFT / SS+ Rank
  • Monster Suit Chip Alpha — 0.075 ETH / SS+ Rank
  • Monster Suit Chip King Omni — Founder / SS+ Rank
  • Monster Suit Chip Dead Calm — 1 ETH/ SS+ Rank

NFT NYC Recap 6/20

  • Private Dinner at Philippe Chow NYC Louis Vuitton/Amiri Reps
  • Starcatchers, Whiskers, Sprite Club, & Vinnie Hager
  • Baby’s All Right Brooklyn Private Event for Holders

We had a private dinner at Philippe Chow in NYC to celebrate the success of Monster Suit and to celebrate getting the Monster Suit LV trunk done by the day of the event to have on display for holders. It takes several months and there were close to a thousand other people ahead of us but one of LV’s official artisans had enough time to design and finish one of several pieces that will be raffled to holders at a later date (TBA). We also have a few other cool Monster Suit LV related things happening so stay tuned.

For NFT NYC — we gave away the following items:

  • 4 iPod Mini’s (black/white/yellow/orange)
  • Rue Rug
  • iPad Max’s (Rue/Sky Blue)
  • Ledgers (10)
  • 4/5 of the genesis collection NFTs
  • iPad Mini + Pencil
  • New Macbook M2 Chip
  • INFLAMED x Monster Suit Merch (25)
Monster Suit x LV Limited Jewelry Trunk 1/5

Monster Suit Manga

Monster Suit Manga Spread Pages 1–6

We’re releasing the first chapter of our manga on July 20th after a slight delay. It was previously due July 15th, however we couldn’t decide if we would take a traditional approach or stay true to USGMEN’s style of manga panels. After contemplating, a decision was made to maintain our style because our project is what drew our holders here to begin with. We have as much conviction in our project and vision (if not more) than anyone else.

If you’re familiar with any of USGMEN’s work, the style is more aligned to the likes of Tom & Jerry where it’s left up to interpretation by the viewer. We also have a semi-text version that has the regular manga sounds effect text applied but the final decision was to let the community decide after the first chapter was released. In worse case scenario a text version to the next chapters can be included.

I’d also like to point out that we’re a lore based project as well and we’re keen on our holders paying attention to detail, so researching and analyzing about the project is always a good place to start. Names, abilities, traits, all play a vital role in the monster-verse.

Chapter 1 Ominous

The 1st Chapter entitled “Ominous” is a 6-page spread that will be available on our website Monster Suit. The manga will be released every two weeks. We’ll be returning with a 12-page spread to first complete the introduction to the story on July 30th. We worked very hard to present a high quality product while working and giving 100% focus on our remaining projects. We hope you all enjoy!

Monster Suit Upgrade

The first upgrade was the Phoenix clan upgrade that took place on July 15th.

Over the course of our project before we reached pixel and 3D, we always visualized and planned for our Monster Suits to evolve. The thinking behind this was to accommodate all holders with a monster suit that they could take pride in and enjoy aside from thinking about it as solely an investment. We wanted to create an immersive experience for holders as well as be realistic when it comes to 5,000 NFTs. I’m aware every holder won’t mint a rare, but with Monster Suit there is a uniqueness and likeness to Pokemon where monsters evolve over time. How? BOTA

To show what our first upgrade looked like and how it would work we started off with the Sapphire Clan. It is considered to be our most common token by trait standards, evolving into the mythical Phoenix Clan (most coveted clan) until we recently announced upgrades for our other 4 clans. This was a very hard secret to keep from the community!

This gasless upgrade happens every Friday at 8:30pm ET / 5:30pm PT on the website. You must hold a set of 4 monster suits from the specific clan to complete the upgrade.

Phoenix Clan Upgrade
(left to right) Sapphire, Phantom, Berserk, Nova, Phoenix

Book of the Ancients

Book of the Ancients — BOTA (Sacred Grimoire)

Using a forbidden spell from BOTA, the other 4 clans violet, onyx, gold, and sapphire (as they never received a True Flame), will be able to upgrade their suits to a True Flame variant. This was voted on by the community. The True Flame each clan receives will be reflective of their clan leader.

Once a suit has been upgraded, it cannot be reverted back to its first form. The sacred text has no spell that can undo suit upgrades, so please be aware before making any changes.

(left to right) Sapphire, Violet, Onyx, Gold, Phoenix Clan

Holders of BOTA will receive a Zetsu airdrop. More info on Zetsu will be revealed later (TBA). On July 25th make sure you verify your Zetsu with collab-land in our discord server.

Zetsu (PET) Airdrop

Zetsu (PET)
Zetsu Blade (Default Form)
Fujin Blade (Special form of Zetsu only wielded by King Omni)
Dead Calm Blade (Special Blade — only wielded by the strongest)

Bio-Ether Amulet Astaroth

Bio-Ether Amulet Astaroth

The Bio-Ether Amulet Astaroth is a sacred amulet that contains the power of the Supreme Flame. Holders are able to bio merge the amulet with their suit.

Astaroth is the Holy Grail according to the text found in BOTA. It’s said that holders of the amulet will be granted unrivaled power.

Bio-Ether Amulet Astaroth

Monster Suit PX Preview (WIP)

Artwork by ItsGBrie

Dead Calm using the Death Flame
Kurama v2, King Omni, Hydro v2, Dead Calm

Monster Suit 3D Preview (WIP)

Artwork by UDI

Demon Lord
Monster Suit Fujin
(left to right) Serpent, Cosmic Mage, Fujin, Yabba, Neto Monster Suit Chips
Monster Suit Chips — Yata, True Dragon’s v2
True Dragons v2, Saber Z, Fujin (White)

Important Things To Note

We were featured on a Billboard in Time Square in NYC on 5/5/22. This was special for so many different reasons. One being that True Dragon Yuri v2 was the first rare from our vault raid to be given away and was featured in NYC. It was a historical moment for holders as well as myself.

Monster Suit Billboard in Time Square

Doodles Giveaway

We held a special giveaway for our holders to celebrate our mint. The plan was to raffle a floor Doodles away as a thank you to our community, instead I gave up one of my personal Doodles valued over 23 ETH at the time.

I’m not a fan of inflated numbers so to give some context on the Doodle it was purchased for 19.3 ETH $66,482.32.

During our 5-week vault raid we purchased several True Dragon v2’s back at 1.5 ETH despite market conditions.

  • Week 1 — $4027.00
  • Week 2 — $3046.00
  • Week 3 — $3010.00
  • Week 4 — $2671.95 (holder held)
  • Week 5 — $2634.90 (holder held)

Total Value for True Dragons V2: 15,389.86 USD (5/5)

Total Value for True Dragons V2: 10,082.51 USD (3/5)

Contract Migration

Due to the mechanic I set in place for Monster Suit when we were minting our final suits, a bot minted the other half of the collection which were blanks. This caused our FP to tank for a day or two. Within 72hrs we had a new smart contract up reflective of our final 5k collection instead of our initial one.

As much as this post is suppose to highlight all of the successes of the project I’d also like to take time to identify and address that I’m aware of the failures or shortcomings of the project. There is always room for improvement.

Royalty Rate 7.5%

7.5% for a couple of reasons

One our special community suits from other projects that we didn’t have rights to but we’re allowed to keep in the collection, were sent directly to the project founders and teams, listed as honoraries.

Even for projects that we officially collaborated with — if a holder minted and wanted to liquidate and couldn’t find a buyer we purchased it and sent it directly to that project. In turn, impeding our own sales (all by design). That’s a considerable amount of tokens which is fine because as much we appreciate every community we didn’t want sales or interests to be based around someone else’s art tbh.

I wanted to prove that Monster Suit could stand on it’s own in Web 3 in our way while respecting and representing those communities the best way we could. From the time of mint to now we’ve expanded our staff with additional artists such as Sleepless being our manga and second illustrator who will be revamping the collection (TBA) and devs such as BWCA who’s responsible for Monster Suit XYZ

We wanted to bet on buliding an immersive experience for holders. So much so, that we may have hurt ourselves from a capital standpoint partially by having so many options and losing out on money. But it’s my belief that it’s important to love what you collect and have fun first. For any holder of Monster Suit I want them to rest easy knowing that we’re continuously building and holding each other accountable and look foward to being a progressive project in the space.

Web 3 Integration and Gaming

We’re working with several popular Web 3 brands and will be integrated in their projects soon. More details will be provided as they become available. We’re currently in the process of developing our own game for Monster Suit holders that’s more akin to our vision for the brand.

Limited Edition Plushies for Holders

We have limited edition plushies designed by Makeship for our holders coming soon.

There is so much to learn about Monster Suit but this is just the starting point. I may add to this post but for now I believe I covered what I wanted to address for the most part. If anything else comes to mind I’ll be sure to leave an edit. Thank you for your time. If you’re holder thank you for investing in the vision and the brand. We’ll continue to deliver. If you’re new and don’t have a Monster Suit yet, get one.

Monster Suit

Monster Suit is a community driven and collaborative project from Crystal Roots LLC and USGMEN.