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Monster Suit PX

Nebula Gate PX

Monster Suit PX

MSPX, our latest collection that launched on September 5th via Monster Suit is composed of 2500 NFTs and initiates the second phase of our project. The collection features monsters from our Gen 1, Gen 2, as well as the Shining and Dark Nebula suits that were recently teased on Fresh’s Twitter account.

Mint Price: 0.075

Half of the original mint price announced back in April (0.15 ETH)

Shining Nebula Top Row, Dark Nebula Bottom Row

Shining/Dark Nebula

The PX suits are inspired by my love for nostaglia and named after the 0x protocol.

Shining Nebula Hanzo

Shining Nebula Suit(s)

  • 01 — Shiryu
  • 02 — Hanzo
  • 03 — Indra
  • 04 — Noctus
  • 05 — Echo
Dark Nebula Hanzo

Dark Nebula Suit(s)

  • x1 — Dark Shiryu
  • x2 — Dark Hanzo
  • x3 — Dark Indra
  • x4 — Dark Noctus
  • x5 — Dark Echo

The Dark Nebula suits all have corrupted cores of Astaroth. Not much is known yet as to how or why this even happened. Over the next few weeks we’ll uncover the truth.

Reveal Date

The reveal date for PX is officially set for Friday, September 30th at 8:30PM ET (New York). Over the last two weeks some of the staff, including myself, have been dealing with unfortunate events that have slightly impeded our rollout for PX. First and foremost, I’d like to apologize as I know holders are looking forward to reveal. Currently we’re working as fast and efficiently as possible to make sure reveal day is special.

There are a few things that’d I like to touch base on for those that may have questions.

Monster Suit Fujin PX (God Dragon)

Q: Why mint Monster Suit PX in a bear market?

A: It’s a part of our roadmap that I promised to holders who brought the mint passes back in April. So why would I ever back-track on that? Regardless of market conditions, I took the steps necessary to adjust. I cut mint price by 50% and majority of holders who had the asset(s) to mint were able to do so for free as intended.

We’re still a brand/IP that is trying to grow and expand. In order to do that we need capital. Thinking back on it, it’s great to be able to accomplish or start rolling out everything that you planned for your project and Monster Suit has been able to do that with 1/10th of the capital and some incredible people in the space; but the truth is you need money to grow.

When I decided to launch PX I didn't think that we’d mint out instantly. I knew it would be a slow mint. With that in my mind, we’re going to reveal weekly. I wanted to treat PX like pack-openings, and for those unfamiliar, I’m referring to trading cards. I still think onboarding — even in a bear can be an immersive experience.

Although the bear market has taught me a lot, my mission remains the same. I want holders that support the brand, vision, and those that appreciate the art, to be rewarded however we’re able to provide it.

Q: Is staking for Monster Suit coming soon?

A: Staking is coming. I can’t say too much, but what I can say is that if you’re a holder of Monster Suit, PX, or USGMEN’s Small Cute Cat you’ll be able to earn rue-coin $RUE. The coin will only be for our marketplace on Monster Suit. You’ll be able to use your rue-coin to earn AL spots, win prizes like NFTs, ETH etc.

Small Cute Cat by USGMEN

Q: What can Monster Suit holders expect in Q4?

A: The focus will be be on strengthening our community through our primary collections: Rue, Monster Suit, and PX. We’re still releasing 3D but at the current moment I believe it should be pushed back until 2023. I’ve been taking the time to ensure that MS has a strong web 2 branding power. We’ve secured Monster Suit LLC and have several trademarks in the works. Additionally, we’re working on licensing for some of the characters that we own.

Holders can expect quality of life updates from our official discord server and our social media accounts to make the experience more seamless. This includes re-vamping our token gated channels to providing badges via our site. Some examples would include badges for the number of tokens held, hold time and rarity. We’ll also have POAP badges (Proof of Attendence Protocol). We’re working on a few other things as well that I’ll speak on at a later date once they are confirmed.

Q: Where can I view all of the Monster Suits?

A: You can view them all here thank to BWCA

There are several suits that need to be added and updated to the database.

Monster Suit Council

Monster Suit holders can now sign up for snapshot and vote once the council has proposals that the community would like present to be passed. Details will be provided via discord.

Web 3 Game Integrations

Monster Suit is currently featured in several Web 3 games, the latest is Cozy Penguins. We’ve been communicating with other Web 3 based games expect more collaborations soon. At the moment our focus is on preparing for our upcoming integration with World Wide Web and as well our official sider scroller game coming 2023. Holders will be able to BETA test when play-testing is available.

We’ll have limited editions of the game that will be playable as a ROM with a limited edtion Monster Suit cartridge. You’ll be able to play on the site or on a Analogue Pocket. We’ll be giving away 5 during our special YouTube promotion on our channel. Make sure you subscribe if you haven’t already.

Analogue Pocket

Final Thoughts

As a project founder to continue to build you have to be able to adapt and I think I’ve taken the best approach given the current state of the market. I’m thankful for all of the holders and those that support the project. Being able to watch how other projects adapt and adjust has also given me a lot to think about.

I think it’s really important not to rush when you’re building. Experience is always the best teacher and I want to take what I’ve learned from the bull and bear market and apply it to the best of my ability to yield better results for the community.

If you’re in our server you might’ve heard about me being in discussions for VC funding and I will confirm that this is true. Being a single Founder and handling a lot of the work I don’t believe the business can be sustained through secondary sales alone, especially in a bear market. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to maintain the business with the help of the community and smart decision making.

Disclaimer — To be honest I’m not sure if our attempt at VC funding will go as planned. I’m throguhly researching and making sure I speak to the right people. I can say that I’m seeking funding for the project for the next 2–3yrs. I want to hire and onboard the best and most creative minds available in the space to refine the brand. I plan to take the brand mainstream through; anime, figurines, games, licensing, manga, merchandise, plushies and more.

The community has been asking and I happy to announce that we’ll be updating our site will an official TOS on reveal day and link to our WP.

If you’d like to join the community or learn feel free to join us on Discord, read our medium post or you can DM Fresh and ask questions. Feedback is welcome. To make things easy here’s our link-tree.

And if you’d like to join the Monster Suit team you can join our discord server and open a support ticket. We’ll be providing a Google form for applicants as well on September 23th if you don’t follow us on Medium.

Monster Suit

Monster Suit is a community driven and collaborative project from Crystal Roots LLC and USGMEN.