Monster Suit
2 min readMar 8, 2022

Monster Suit Shop

Monster Suit Fujin Trophies

The Monster Suit Shop is now live on Opensea. The first 50 holders from our genesis collection will receive a Fujin Trophy airdrop March 31st, based on the rarity of your RueNFT and collection. If you’re in search of the rarity chart, it can be found here.

Monster Suit Chips

Monster Suit Chip #048 (Ichi) center image

Monster Suit Chip #048

The release of the Monster Suit Chip is also known as the Ichi Chip. Ichi, meaning “one”, is based on Monster Suit Rue #048 (Ichi). The Ichi Chip is a membership pass that provides holders with access to the monsterverse featuring exclusive art from USGMEN. Overall benefits include, but are not limited to:

⁃ Early access to the Crystal Roots Discord
⁃ Access to discord giveaways: 1/1 art created by USGMEN from our Monster Shop releasing once per month
⁃ Being added to Rue’s List for MonsterSuitNFT an expansion of our genesis collection. (This does not include 3D)
⁃ Access to giveaways for allowlist from other projects we’ll be in collaboration with
⁃ Other exclusive perks for members TBA

The Ichi Chip is available for 0.0375 ETH. It is scaled at this price for those who missed out or were priced out of the genesis collection. RueNFTs prides itself on being inclusive and affordable. Our approach remains the same with the release of the Monster Suit Chip — to represent and promote community and togetherness. It is a part of our goal to be able to provide access to all to become holders in a variety of ways. It will be available for purchase until April 15th.

Approximately 2% of the Monster Suit Chips will be airdropped — for free throughout the month of March.

Please read and follow the directions in the unlockable content section. If you have any trouble DM Fresh on Twitter.

Follow @RueNFTs and @MonsterSuitNFTs on Twitter for updates or visit for more details etc.

Monster Suit

Monster Suit is a community driven and collaborative project from Crystal Roots LLC and USGMEN.