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Shining Nebula and Dark Nebula Suits

Special Training Illustrated by Sleepless
Shining and Dark Nebula Suits

The Shining Nebula suits are an elite force created by the Supreme Dragon Astaroth to govern over the pixel verse. Astaroth divided his power among five armors to keep balance in the PX dimension. While creating the armors, it took more power from the Dragon than it calculated and during that time dark energy from Lilith that had been locked away leaked from Astaroth summoning five corrupt suits, the Dark Nebula’s.

Dark Nebula’s (Corrupt Mode)

The Dark Nebula Suits have one purpose, to seek out the Altar of Lilth and to break the seal and summon the sixth dark armor — The Fallen. The sixth armor has several unique skills, one in particular called assimilate, which allows the armor to absorb anything from magic/physical attacks. The Dark Nebula’s want to assimilate the God Dragon to bring forth Astaroth The Fallen and with it the destruction of the PX dimension. They can use the Nebula Gate freely traveling bewteen the 2D and 3D dimensions. They are S+ Class ranked suits.

Currently the Shining Nebula are training, they know it’s a matter of time before the Dark suits discover the location of the altar. Not much is known about whereabouts of the Dark Nebula’s but wherever they are they can’t be up to any good. Zetsu is tracking their location…

Shining Nebula

  • 01 Shiryu — the Leader of the Nebula’s wields the Nebula Blade located in the center of his helmet. He only summons it for worthy foes. All that have seen the blade have said that it can sever large mountains with a single swing.
  • 02 Hanzo — is a battle crazied Nebula who uses the Spear of Ragnarok. A spear of concentrated flame from the Ether. It’s a close and long ranged fighter. It is the only the suit that can channel the true flame into a physical weapon.
  • 03 Indra — is a Nebula that specializes in CQC (close quarter combat). By cloaking itself in the True Flame it can also use long ranged energy attacks like fission fist. This allows Indra to attack and defend from opponents. It also has an unique skill called combo fiend — when opponents are directly hit 3x by Indra’s fist upon the third impact a seal is broken and Indra power increases for 30 seconds. It’s said to be on par with Dead Calm. Being hit with fission fist in this state is NOT good.
  • 04 Noctus — is by far the fastest Nebula Suit. After witnessing Hanzo harness the power of the true flame, Noctus thought how could it summon the same power and after training for several months Noctus learned to used the true flame to create the unique skill chrono trigger it allows Noctus to capture opponents in barrier created from the true flame that burns and applies an debuff to the opponent that saps their HP. A second effect is also applied, they’re slowed down x2 and Noctus speeds increases by x4.
  • 05 Echo — The tactical Nebula Suit, is a long ranged fighter and prefers to strategize against it’s opponents. It likes to lure the opponent into situations where it could utilize and unleash it’s unique skill serpent’s judgment — a concentrated true flame beam that tracks target until it’s pierced.

The PX reveal is set for October 7th 8:30PM ET / 5:30PM PT. We don’t anticipate any further delays. We want to ensure a stellar reveal for our community and we always appreciate the grace and patience that we’re provided. As a thank you we hosted a special giveaway and airdropped all 10 Nebula suits to some lucky holders as well as reduced mint price to 0.015 ETH

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