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4 min readFeb 13, 2023
Twin Prodigies Yami and Nel

Twin Prodigies

Yami and Nel are twin siblings who are professional monster suit players. They both have a passion for monster suit battles and have honed their skills to become some of the top players in the monster verse. The two work seamlessly together, complementing each other’s strengths and weaknesses to create an unstoppable team. They have a strong bond and their close relationship allows them to communicate without words and anticipate each other’s movements. Yami is known for his bold and aggressive fighting style, while Nel is more strategic and calculated. Their unique skills and undeniable synergy have earned them numerous championships and a large following of fans. Whether they’re facing off against seasoned veterans or up-and-coming rivals, Yami and Nel never back down from a challenge and are always pushing themselves to be the best monster suit players in the world.

Yami and Nel after using the Ghost Chip to travel to the Monster Verse

Ghost Chip EX

The twins both received a mysterious chip after winning the last world tournament as a prize, a solid gold chip with a brilliant red gem. They thought it was a trophy based on the game chips but it that has the ability to transport them to the Monster Verse, a digital world they once believed was only fictional, inspired by their favorite game Monster Suit. The ghost chip offers a chance for them to immerse themselves in a new world and experience the game in a whole new dimension, as they navigate through the challenges and obstacles of the Monster Verse. The thrill of being able to step into the world they once only saw on a screen is an exciting opportunity for Yami and Nel, and they can’t wait to see what awaits them in this mysterious new land.

Ghost Chip EX
Initial sketch of Yami by USGMEN
Initial sketch of Nel by USGMEN

I’m very particular about the art and vision that I have for Monster Suit and self conscious about the quality of content so never share anything that I’m not proud of you. And I’m beyond excited to share these characters with you. Everything is coming together in ways I never would’ve expected, the road is still bumpy but we’re getting there. Like Rue/Monster Suit I hope these characters grow on you too.


  • Our 3D mint won’t be happening until late April or early May. We’re talking to Opensea and have already submitted for the partner drop during that time frame.
  • We’re closing our PX mint soon before the end of Feburary. This will give anyone that wanted to mint some time to do so. There will be no extension.
  • I don’t want to rush the release of 3D without ensuring maximum visibility. I believe the IP is top tier and needs as much awareness as possible. I don’t want to sell hype I want to share art and the natural progression of it in various forms i.e TCG , video games, anime, etc.
  • Through hard work, prayer and some luck we have a meeting this week with an incredible anime studio; Tonari Animation to discuss the vision for our OVA. I think it’s always good to share what I can that’s happening opposed to having people speculate.
  • It’s still a lot of work to be done in regards to the project, developing the community and more so I’m working meticulously. From expanding communications with our CN and JP holders etc that aren’t on Twitter or Discord to setting up IP workshops during the month of March to help holders who want to explore IP use if that’s something they’d be interested in and more.
  • The upcoming 12 weeks will be spent deep diving and providing more information around the Monsters you’ve come to know and love. We’ll also be building up anticipation for the second to last project 3D, while providing exclusive art that will be claimable for all our holders during The Dragon Festival (TBA) . The last project is a secret project… (EX)
  • There will be a form for holders to submit the Monster Suit they want to use for NFT NYC’s artist billboard piece in our discord. FCFS.
  • Monster Suit will be attending the Licensing Expo in Vegas in June and potentially comic-con in NYC later this year. More info will be provided as it becomes available. I believe that IP expansion is important.
  • If you were curious about the recent OE; Rue’s Claw Machine is an OE experiment to connect with new and vintage collectors through a mini series of fun gamified burn mechanics. Feb 14th were back to buring.
  • We’re in the process of finalizing more Web 3 integrations. We want to contuine to partner with projects that make sense for our brand and believe we’ve found some solid partners. We’re already integrated in Cozy Penguins Sling Shot Sailors. Next up for us is World Wide Web 3
World Wide Web 3
Monster Suit

Monster Suit is a community driven and collaborative project from Crystal Roots LLC and USGMEN.